Thai Member Karaoke 10 Pro, Thai entertainment and night culture restaurant

Thai entertainment and night culture businesses operate in various forms. There are various Thai nightlife restaurants such as Bangkok massage, toilet, member club, karaoke, KTV, Agogo, and Bangkok business trip service. Thai Membership Karaoke '10Pro: Tenpercent' is a high-end Bangkok membership KTV operated under the Korean Gangnam Tenpro system, which is hard to access in Bangkok, Thailand. Tenpro ranks first in the rate of Thai women going to work in various occupations, including incumbent college students and office workers! Membership KTV inspired by the luxurious Korean Ten Pro with the largest Bangkok karaoke room. We will provide comfort to our customers with our sincere service according to your preferences by always responding accurately and quickly. Make a reservation right now!

Guide to Thailand Entertainment Bangkok Membership Ten Pro Service

state-of-the-art equipment and service spirit

The Bangkok Membership Karaoke Ten Pro will be given to our customers In order to provide the best service for Bangkok entertainment, we provide service training to all employees and hospitality staff, and we have the latest sound equipment with state-of-the-art sound equipment.

Ten Pro - VIP Room

A luxurious and spacious private room that boasts the best facilities of the Bangkok Member Club!Each room has a private bathroom and can be used for up to 20 people, so group guests can enjoy it freely.

Bangkok Night Culture - Food and Liquor

I brought the chef from a famous restaurant in the aisle. Just Thai entertainment?It's not just Bangkok entertainment Not only the taste, but also the quality of the food that went through a clean cooking process Let's enjoy it together

KTV Tenpro, Thailand - live band

Thai Karaoke, KTV stores are hard to find Get rid of stress with TenPro's Korean live band!

방콕멤버 텐프로 메뉴판

태국 유흥 멤버쉽 가라오케 텐프로 

방콕 유명 레스토랑에서 모셔온 세프님을 필두로 청결한 주방에서 맛있는 태국음식을 만들어 제공해드리고 있습니다  No.1 멤버십 가라오케 텐프로

태국 노래방 멤버십 가라오케 텐프로 예약안내 – 065-976-5136 카카오톡 : tenbkk 라인 :@tenpercent 영업안내 – 18:00 ~ 02:00  …